Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Arbouretum - Couldn't Hit It Sideways

A new Arbouretum release snuck up on the interwebs a few weeks ago, compliments of our blog neighbors/friends Aural States. The release comes via Aural Slates, the blog's digital label that also has a new Small Sur EP in the works.

This is the label's second release, and the first of the live-recorded variety. It's only one track long, but that track clocks in at over 50 minutes. The recording is taken from a live Arbouretum set that went down last month at Granfaloon here in Baltimore.

The release is titled Couldn't Hit It Sideways, and you can snag the digital copy from Aural Slates right here. Its a pretty heavy improv, one that's of the style that we've come to know and love from Arbouretum. The release was recorded and mastered by David Carter, an excellent newish taper that's based here in Baltimore.

Speaking of Arbouretum, don't sleep on the recording we posted of their set at our first curated show back in January at the G Spot. Grab that here.

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