Monday, May 10, 2010

Video Premiere: Baby Venom - "w2w"

Nathan Duncan from Baby Venom sent me over a new video to premiere, but attached with a bittersweet twist. The video for "w2w" is above in all it's rad and quirky glory, but unfortunately this will be the last notes to be heard from Baltimore's own Baby Venom.

The vibrant video for "w2w" or "what 2 where", a catchy beat-driven synth pop song, was directed by Nathan and Sun Hashmi. It features closets, skeleton face-painted Baby Venom folk, cross-dressing, and a blond girl being fondled near what looks like might be the old Hammerjacks building.

I've always enjoyed Baby Venom, and was super bummed to find out that they will be disbanding. Nathan is moving to Austin, Texas in July, and a long distance relationship with three drifting members shall lead to implosion. "w2w" is a fine visual documentation of the trio, and will likely get stuck in your head for the remainder of the day. Enjoy, and thanks for the sounds Baby Venom!

Baby Venom at the Hexagon

Baby Venom at the Hexagon


Unknown said...

their last show the other week at hexagon was pretty sweet

Brett said...

ahh, so upset that I missed that show! I would definitely not have if I had known it was their last :(