Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Do While - Do While

A few weeks ago I realized that I should probably just start a weekly Wigflip feature on their new releases, and yes here I am again with another release to rave about from this new Baltimore music outlet. However this one is rather special in that it is their first "official"release, and their first to be available digitally.

In addition to being an official and tangible object, this is by far the most beautiful piece to grace the label's catalog to date. The release is the debut self-titled album from Do While, and it's a full length record that you're absolutely going to need to go ahead and check out. Here's a generous taste compliments of Wigflip called "Balloons/Balloon Clouds (Alt. Master)".

Do While is John Somers, a Baltimore fellow with a knack for creating ambient sounds using guitars, vocals, and fluffly white clouds. I may or may not have meant that last one in the literal sense, but if this LP doesn't have you feeling like you're floating within the stratosphere 10,000 feet above the ground, then you are listening to it all wrong.

The album is filled with soft and fuzzy ambient soundscapes that uplift your mind and warm your soul. Do While has been a late night go-to for me as of late, a record full of mellow tones yet rich with vibrant color. While this will be, and probably should be, labeled an ambient record, every ambient vibe is counteracted by positive and elevating sounds that really give Do While's sound a unique feel. His ability to create such huge momentum and energy within such relaxing confines is truly special.

This was an excellent choice to kickstart Wigflip's official releases, and I can't wait to see what's next. Will at Wiglfip recently had nothing but amazing things to share with me about their upcoming works - things that I can't share with you just yet. You can pre-order the new Do While record here, and stay tuned for more to come from Wigflip.


1. One2
2. Dancing On Diamond Water
3. Balloon Clouds
4. Balloons
5. A Candy Coated Slow Down
6. Poppies
7. I Know You Said
8. At The Edge Of A Drifting Dawn

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