Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Artscape: WICV Radio Broadcast & Performances

Based out of MICA, the new-in-2010 internet radio station WICV will be broadcasting from their booth at Artscape all day Friday through Sunday. What's better, is that they will also be hosting live performances at their booth both on Friday and Saturday.

Friday night features one of Baltimore's finest guitarists, Dustin Wong. He is preceded by the legendary Jason Urick, and the up and coming Beyond Say. Look for big things from Dustin Wong in the wings, as he continues to work on new solo material. Also, if you haven't yet snatched Jason Urick's Fussing & Fighting, please do so.

<a href="">Brendan Sullivan - Young Thunder Pt. 1 by Friends Records</a>

Saturday night is no slouch either, with Winks and Brendan Sullivan serenading Artscapers. Look for announcements here very soon regarding new Winks releases that are brewing as we speak.

The WICV Artscape Broadcast goes strong all day long on the midway on Charles Street, with performances, DJs, talk radio, tape collages, live drama, and more starting at noon each day. Get the entire broadcast schedule after the jump.

WICV RADIO - ArtScape 2010 - Programming Schedule

Friday, July 16th

12:00: "It's Good To Be Here" w/ Amber Moyles & Max Guy
1:00: "The Mental Weather" w/ Zach Genin
1:30: Crowd Interviews
2:00 - 4:00: The Remington Youth Project Radio (RYPR)
4:00: "Beast Masters" w/ Margot Malter
4:30: "Ask A Responsible Adult" w/ Kate Barutha
5:00: "Dirty Bob" w/ Molly O' Connell
6:00 "Homestyles" w/ Elenaor Farely

LIVE MUSIC performances by:
7:00: Beyond Say
8:00: Jason Urick
9:00: Dustin Wong

Saturday, July 18th

12:00: "It's Good To Be Here" w/ Amber Moyles & Max Guy
12:30: "Radio Mud" w/ DJ Slowbro
1:00: "Under The Microscope" w/ Amber Moyles & Neil Sanzgiri
1:30: Crowd Interviews
2:00: "Girl Talk" w/ Jenna Kaminsky
2:30: Tape Collage by Kate Ersing
3:00: "Loud Sounds" w/ Nick Houde
3:30: "Professional Commitments" w/ Zack Genin
4:00: Live Drama recreations of Movie Scenes: Good Will Hunting
4:30: "The Show that Sold the World" w/ Neil Sanzgiri
5:00: "Australia" w/ Ian Cox and Dan Allende
5:30: "Homestyles" w/ Elenaor Farley
6:00: Peter Boyce Radio
7:00: "Woof Eyes" w/ Neal Reinalda

LIVE MUSIC performances by:
8:00: Winks
9:00: Brendan Sullivan

Sunday, July 18th

12:00: Crowd Interviews w/ Madaline Peters
1:00: LIVE MUSIC performance by Gem Vision
2:00 "FTPR" w/ Ellen Paul
2:30: Graham Wimbrow Show
3:00: "Professional Commitments" w/ Zack Genin
3:30: "Case Closed" w/ Rachel Lowing and Joanna Kopczyk
4:00: Live Drama recreations of Movie Scenes: Almost Famous
4:30: WICV radio raffle: Win a Date w/ Carey Chiaia
5:00: "Showbiz Show" w/ Andy Abelow
6:00: "To Mega Therion" w/ DJ Bloodaxe
7:00 - 8:00: "Sunday Sizzurp" w/ Ali Shaw & Monica Noonan

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