Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Soft Cat - Wildspace

Today Friends Records announced an upcoming release in the cassette catalog, the debut full length from Soft Cat. The release is called Wildspace, and it will be out very early this Fall. Snag a free download of the first avaialble track below, "It Won't Be Long".

<a href="">Soft Cat - It Won't Be Long by Friends Records</a>

Neil Sanzgiri originally got in touch with me about Soft Cat months ago, and I've been following this release from the beginning. Neil is originally from Texas, but has been living in Baltimore the past few years, and has collected quite the supporting cast for this release. Here's the concept and cast of Wildspace...

Any concentration of wilderness, growth, or life contained in a surviving ecosystem located in an urban setting is known as wild space. It is a non-domesticated area existing and dwelling as arcane emptiness. Wild space creates fear from the unknown yet gives context to conformability. Organisms grow and cultivate while going unnoticed. Wild space serves as the in between spaces in our lives.

All songs conceived in the wild space behind the railroad tracks by the Copy Cat in Baltimore, MD, 2009. Written and recorded by Neil Sanzgiri. Wildspace was performed and recorded with the help of Andy Abelow, Amy Marco, Sianna Plavin, Kate Barutha, Bob Keal, Brendan Sullivan, Adam Lempel, and Grey Haas.

Get the full track list after the jump, and look out for a new video soon.

Soft Cat
2010 Friends Records
Limited to 150 on Cassette

1. Silver Babies Sun
2. Dark When It Should Be Violet Hour
3. It Won’t Be Long
4. Mourn In The Night
6. When My Brother Reaches Me
7. Five Months Waiting
8. Black Bird

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