Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Romantic States - "One Way Is Right"

I first heard of Jim's (Videohippos) side project from Brendan Sullivan, who covered an older Romantic States jam during a Mobtown Microshow set. Soon after that Jim alerted me of a new tape he had in the works, a release I've had the chance to spend some quality time with the past few weeks.

This self titled album is out soon on Tater Junction, a small show space and art outlet based out of Hampden. Our neighbor's at Tater Junction hosted one of our favorite Philly bands Reading Rainbow a little while back, and also put together that Videohippos/Sewn Leather split I shared a few weeks ago.

Streaming above is "One Way Is Right", the third track on the new Romatic States album. The song listens like a hushed-down Videohippos jam, but lacks any negative qualities that one might assume would come with such an experiment. Hazy key-strokes, melodic tones, and Jim's chilled-out and fuzzy vocals layered on top all make up for a top notch jaded pop song. I found this track to work well in extreme heat, like a tall glass of grandma's lemonade.

The album is textured and layered carefully throughout, with enough ambient tape loops and cloud-filled sonics to keep your ears and mind afloat. The tape will be released via Tater Junction on July 12, and you can pre-order the release from their myspace here.

Romantic States
Tater Junction 2010

1. Walking Tour
2. No Footsteps
3. One Way is Right
4. Mad House
5. Aviation
6. Warblers
7. Night Spider
8. Stand Tall
9. High School and College
10. Looks Like Water
11. Long Holly
12. At The End

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