Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Teenage Souls - "Ice Floe"

Our neighbor Justin over at WTR CLR sent over a handful of tracks from some of his upcoming releases. Amongst reissues and new things from CEX, Teeth Mointain, and Holy Ghost Party, WTR CLR has a new Teenage Souls album in the wings.

Teenage Souls is the solo project of DJ Rice, a ridiculous drummer and an all-around inspired musician. If you've ever seen Teenage Souls perform, you've likely felt what its like to go from feeling totally claustrophobic to being completely set free all in one melodic haze of a sound.

"Ice Floe" will be on the upcoming WTR CLR cassette titled Panecakes. Having seen DJ perform live, I had always wondered how his energy would translate to headphones. However, the seamless yet never ending layers of "Ice Floe" rage with ease. There's even remnants of a pop song buried underneath all this glorious noise, one that's marched on with armies of steal drums and washes of avant rhythms.

This tape will be out in the next couple of weeks, and you can catch Teenage Souls perform this weekend at Whartscape on Friday during the day outside. The lineup for the outdoor portion that day also includes Rapdragons, Weekends, Height, Get Em Mamis, Witch Hat, Lil B, and more.

Whartscape 2010

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