Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Supernice: AMDISC's Twilight Sausage

Caleb of Lands & Peoples and Will of Happy Family and Wigflip Records recently started a Tumblr music blog called Supernice. Last week they asked me to join as a contributor, and I jumped at the chance to help spread my non-Baltimore music findings.

My first post featured a release I simply can not stop listening to, a new mixtape from AMDISCS called Twilight Sausage. You can download it here for free compliments of International Tapes. AMDISCS is the work of our new friends over at All Everyone United, and had this to say about the tape...

"you should digest it like a sausage, eaten somewhere in the middle of the universe, surrounded by nebular halos from far away galaxies, with immediate saturation for something beyond."

If you have a Tumblr page, start following Supernice for musical suggestions from some Baltimore folk. And if you don't, check in every now and then.

Twilight Sausage Mixtape

1 Assassins School Friends – “ARP Warden”
2 railcars – “Hounds Of Love”(Kate Bush cover)
3 Sensible Soccers – “Ivan and Ernest”(amore demo)
4 Craft Spells – “Found Faith In Dreams”
5 TEARIST – “Lo V”
6 Dream Boat – “Your Beaches”
7 Laurel Halo – “Supersymmetry”
8 Chrome Wings – “Color Worlds”
9 Katrina Stonehart – “sundaysunday”
10 Ghost Animal – “Some Other Time”
11 Teenage Reverb – “Double Exposure”
12 Pink Priest – “Oath”(D/R/U/G/S remix)
13 Andy & Zeus – “Humid Hang”
14 Mickey Mickey Rourke – “Love Song”
15 Strobe – “Sol Pingidis Was High So Was I”(Best Coast cover)
16 Spinning Beach Ball Of Death – “Gated Summer”
17 Clapsclap – “Paradise Is Lost”
18 Com Truise – “Dreambender”
19 unouomedude – “Buildings”
20 Computer Magic – “Teenage Ballad”(High School)

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