Monday, July 12, 2010

Tonight: Real Estate, Kurt Vile,
Sri Aurobindo, Lands and Peoples

 Real Estate, Kurt Vile, Sri Aurobindo, and Lands & Peoples
poster by Beth Varden

Tonight the Ottobar's got one that I helped set up awhile back, and am very excited about. Real Estate and Kurt Vile come to town, and are preceded by two of my favorite bands in Baltimore.

If you caught my last post, you'll know that this will be the first time Sri Aurobindo's new LP will be available. We'll have a stack of Cave Painting on green translucent wax - all of which are accompanied by a screen printed insert by Chris Day and a CD copy of the full album. Listen to and download Cave Painting here.

<a href="">Lands & Peoples - Restless Legs by Friends Records</a>

Lands & Peoples are amidst putting together their debut full length, but are fresh off a split release with INEVERYROOM - of which there are just a few of those cassettes left. This is a band that is more than worth showing up on time for, so be sure to get to the Ottobar tonight by 9 PM when they'll go on first.

I likely don't need to tell you Kurt Vile and Real Estate both rule...

Video of the headliners, Real Estate after the jump.

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