Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Winks Cassette

FRCS004 Winks Cassette
Winks is Chase from INEVERYROOM with some help from Adam of Weekends. Chase sent me their first release at the beginning of this year, an album recorded mostly on a karaoke player by himself last Winter in Remington.

"Gold Mine" is the first track on the debut, jaded pop haze recalling a time when Chase just lost his job and considered it better to record some new music than to just get drunk all the time. When I first asked him about the release, he said it was like "you found it in the trunk of your dad's Camaro that has been sitting in the garage since 1984, while a depressing prom was going on in the garage".

The album never got released on cassette as intended, so Friends Records is re-releasing an updated tracklist of the Winks debut this weekend at Whartscape. Friends Records will also be releasing the new Winks album early this Fall, which was mostly recorded yesterday by Ben Bass at his studio in the Annex.

The album will be made available digitally for free this weekend, and the cassette will be available at the Friends Records tent at Whartscape, and then online next week.

Friends Records 2010

Side A
1. Gold Mine
2. Port Antonio
3. Weed Makes Sex Weird
4. Human Noises

Side B
5. Prons
6. Fred Flintstoned (In Honor of Bongy Rubble)
7. X-Mas
8. Stoned and Throned

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