Friday, November 12, 2010

Raindeer - "Moon Child"

Our city is chock full of a range of different sounds, and right now Raindeer seems to be set firmly at the top of Baltimore's offering of psychedelic disco pop.

Above is a first look at a brand new tune that Raindeer passed along this week, dubbed "Moon Child". This is by far the darkest song to emerge from the project, seemingly a song about loss and heartbreak. The electronic overtones provide a unique glow for this sort of darkness, similar to the neon lights that radiate from a seedy strip club.

Much like the project's debut EP that dropped this summer, silky smooth production is evident throughout the track. But more importantly, Raindeer continues to create a sound that's pretty tough to come by these days. With blends of psych, dance, prog, synth pop, and disco all in the mix, the result is an infectiously catchy and quite brilliant.

"Moon Child" will be on Raindeer's forthcoming release with Fight The Future.


Anonymous said...

Nothing says Friday like some psychedelic disco pop! Any good shows in Baltimore tonight?

Brett said...

yes! Jason Urick, Deakin, Highlife, and Weyes Blood at Floristree tonight. I interviewed Urick on Tuesday right here