Monday, March 15, 2010

Live MP3s: Terry Riley's In C at the Soft House

Friday night The Soft House hosted a performance of Terry Riley's In C, a composition that asks for roughly 30 musicians to perform. The set involved artists from countless Baltimore musical outlets, all coming together for an hour of collected notes.

To record the audio of such a performance might have seemed like an impossible task, but thankfully for our ears David Carter pulled it off quite well. Propped up in the space's loft, David taped the entire set and has provided us with it below.

Download Link: Terry Riley's In C Performed at the Soft House 3/12/10

David explains, "It was recorded up high in the middle, facing a platoon of marimbas and xylophones and such, with synths and cellos on my left and guitars and laptops and violins on my right. Lineage was AKG 414 mid/side pair -> Zoom h4n 48kHz/24bit -> Nuendo -> MP3. I was in the loft just adjacent to that little video/chillout room. It was SUPER crowded and people came filing up as the night wore on."

Get the full list of musicians involved in this amazing event after the jump.

Please email me if you have any additions/corrections for this list.

"In C" Ensemble
Will Redman (of Microkingdom)----------------------vibraphone
Dave Jacober (of Dope Body/Holy Ghost Party)-----marimba
Nathan Elman-Bell (of Quartet Offensive)-----------glockenspiel
Rob Parrish (improvisational percussionist)---------glockenspiel
Rod Hamilton (of Avocado Happy Hour)-------------Malletkat
Emmanuel Nicolaidis (of Thank You)----------------xylophone
Jeremy Hyman (of Ponytail)--------------------------marimba
Jon Birkholz (of Soul Cannon)--------------------------organ
Ben Frock (of Ben Frock and the Subatomic Particles)-organ
Tim Murphy (Baltimore jazz legend)-----------------rhodes
Amanda Schmidt (of Avocado Happy Hour)---------rhodes
Dustin Wong (of Dustin Wong/Ponytail)-------electric guitar
Zach Utz (of Dope Body/Holy Ghost Party)--electric guitar
Jaime Moffett (jazz musician)------------------electric guitar
Andrew Bernstein (of Teeth Mountain)-----------------------alto sax
John Dierker (of Microkingdom/Quartet Offensive)-----tenor sax
Andy Abelow (of Small Sur/Soft Cat)-----------------------alto sax
Britton Powell (of Hume)---------------------------------------double bass
Kate Barutha (of Soft Cat)-------------------------------------cello
Will Pesta (of Happy Family)--------------laptop
Grayson Brown (of Comeback Ranch)---laptop
John Somers (of Do While)----------------laptop
Sam Shea (of Copycat Theatre)----------laptop
John Jones (of Each Others)--------------laptop
Beau Crawley (of Turquoise Cats/Drugs Bunny)----live processing
Mark Brown (of DJ Mark Brown) --------------------live processing
John Butler (of Mothersday)--------------------------live processing
Tom Fitzgibbon (sounds)------------------------------live processing


carteriffic said...

I think it helps a lot to look at the score for this piece, which consists not just of sheet music, but a detailed explanation in English of the composer's intentions.

There is an interesting method behind the madness, have a look:

Joseph said...

I'm downloading the .zip file now.

Thanks to all involved for this.

mikawendy said...
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mikawendy said...

David, thanks so muchly for the recording. And especially thank you to all the musicians and to Soft House for hosting!!! This was a really special evening.

nic said...