Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Daniel Higgs - Say God

Baltimore legend Daniel Higgs is likely one of the more intriguing musical spirits to grace your ears. If his current outlet of spoken word and ambient folk hasn't yet hypnotically captivated you at one of his more recent live sets, it's more than likely his pipes that fronted Lungfish have once inspired you.

Daniel Higgs recently released a brand new full length called Say God, which came out about a month ago on Thrill Jockey. I have been spending a lot of time with this double LP, which the vinyl came beautifully packaged in a gate-fold jacket.

The recordings do a magnificent job of capturing his current live sets, entrancing you with Higgs' words and sounds that are head-deep in mystical transcendence. When watching Daniel perform, I have always felt as if you're being given the opportunity to gaze inside the mind of Mr. Higgs, and Say God feels no different. Take a listen.

Daniel Higgs - "Say God" [via]

The production is more than certainly worth noting, with textures that have the feel of field recordings, rooms filled with wood floors, and tapes from live sets. "Say God", the third track on the album, uses a live recording of Zomes performing a show in North Carolina last year. The album was produced by the always wonderful David Sitek (TV on the Radio, Celebration), with help from Higgs also.

The ambient gospel of Say God will likely be one of the more important releases to come out of our city this year. I highly recommend snatching this one on wax, and plan to begin indulging with your mind as open as can be.

After the jump you'll find some nice footage of a performance from 12/9/09.

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