Saturday, June 5, 2010

Tonight: Lonnie Walker at the Annex Theatre

Lonnie Walker
Tonight some of our favorite North Carolina fellows are coming to town, playing a show at the Annex Theatre. Lonnie Walker's These Times Old Times finds its way to my ears more often than not when I'm in need of some good old fashioned punked-out country music, and we were more than thankful for their killer contribution to the Friends and Friends of Friends compilation.

<a href="">Lonnie Walker - Feels Like Right by Friends Records</a>

The show tonight starts at 10, and also features Connect the Dots, Hume, and more. Peep a video of Hume in India after the jump compliments of Sockets Records.


Anonymous said...

Dinosaur Feathers are also playing who are fantastic. Do we know where in Annex or should I just listen for the music per usual.

Brett said...

listen for music, pretty sure its in the theatre!