Monday, June 7, 2010

Lands & Peoples / INEVERYROOM Split

Last week I posted a new song from INEVERYROOM's current tour CDR. Today Friends Records formally announced the release, and is putting a taste of the tape up for grabs. Stream/download one of my favorite songs by INEVERYROOM, "EEM E GEE".

<a href="">INEVERYROOM - EEM E GEE by Friends Records</a>

The folks at Pitchfork dug it too, and put it up on their Forkcast today. There are about a handful of these left, which you can either snag from the bands, or from Jimmy and I. The details are here, and tracklist is after the jump.

Lands & Peoples // INEVERYROOM
Tour Split Cassette
30 Copies, Cassette Only
2010 Spring Tour

Side A:
Lands & Peoples – “Restless Legs”
Winks – “Sometmes I Can Fake A Smile”
Lands & Peoples – “Lullabye”

Side B:
Winks – “Stood Still”
Zu Shapes – “Fakin’ It”
Brian Adam Ant – “Granny Smith”


Brian said...

well that's just crazy.

Chris said...

"EEM E GEE" Sounds amazing, definitely want to try and get my hands on one of those cassettes.