Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tonight: Surfer Blood / Weekends

Surfer Blood / Weekends @ Ottobar
Tonight the Ottobar has super solid evening in store as Surfer Blood comes to town. Their jangled and catchy-as-all-hell form of pop has turned many heads in the musicsphere, and rightfully so as their new record Astro Coast is the real deal

<a href="">Weekends - A Defining Love (acoustic) by Friends Records</a>

They'll be joined by Weekends, a band in need of no introduction if you're familiar with our site. Their new record is quickly approaching it's release on vinyl, and these dudes have been lighting it up as of late at shows around town and beyond. Fun bonus fact - Brendan from Weekends grew up in Florida with some of the kids from Surfer Blood.

Speaking of Weekends, Mobtown Studios just released their Microshow session with the duo, a stripped down and almost acoustic form of the band. The intimate session was a pleasure to attend, and can now be yours for free via an MP3 download available from the Charles Village studio's site.

The show tonight is $12, and doors are at 8 PM.


Unknown said...

MAN what a great show. I really enjoyed discovering Weekends, and Surfer Blood more than made my expectations. Both bands turned out to be really chill dudes. My only complaint about surfer blood's set was that I wanted to hear more cowbell on "Take it Easy," which I consider to be the best song on that album, but what really helps make that song is the cowbell. I was talking to the dudes that made the tapes for the weekends, (friends records guys perhaps?) and they mentioned that the tracks for Weekend's tapes were available for free download online. Does anyone know where I can get these?

Also, I caught rumor of a basement show Weekends are playing at on the 19th. does anyone know what other bands are playing that show?

Anonymous said...

Dope Body & Rap Dragons are also playing that show