Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Show: Puerto Rico Flowers @ Talking Head

The fellows at Fan Death Records sent me over the debut EP from Puerto Rico Flowers sometime early last Fall. I and many others were instantly hooked, and 4 became one of their many standout releases. It was recently followed up with a 7 inch titled 2 that contained a Neil Young cover that was somehow even darker than the original.

Whenever I've chatted with Chris and Sean about John Sharkey's solo project, I've always been told that no interviews would ever be granted and nor would live shows be planned. Well the latter has now chaged, as Puerto Rico Flowers is now slated to play in Baltimore this October.

Puerto Rico Flowes - Let's Make Friends

The event will go down at the Talking Head on October 16th, and will feature DC's Screen Vinyl Image and Baltimore's Pfisters. This will be the the one and only North American gig for the project in 2010, and Sean of Fan Death said the other night, "who knows maybe last PRF show ever." So yeah, who knows.

Puerto Rico Flowers also has another release with Fan Death in the works, to be titled 7. I got a chance to spend some time with the lead track off of 7 this week, and can assuredly report that this is yet another PRF release folks should definitely be stoked about. I would highly suggest snatching a copy of 2 while you still can, and the same goes for tickets to the show in October.

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