Monday, June 28, 2010

Miracles - Ovum

Baltimore label Creative Capitalism has been responsible for some of our city's finest sounding and looking releases to come out over the past few years. The collective has been rather quiet as of late, so it was quite welcoming to get a new release from them in my inbox a few weeks ago.

The release comes compliments of Miracles, a Brooklyn band that is helping to keep Creative Capitalism alive as it goes through a "transitional period". Miracles look to be a doing a damn fine job at keeping the project afloat, as their release dubbed Ovum is nothing short of awesome.

Try and picture if Double Dagger started listening to a lot of drone and throw in some heady psych jams, and you've pretty much got yourself Ovum. The release is seven seamless tracks that flow in to post punk melodies and out of scuzzy psych synths with ease. Here's one of the bigger tracks on the forthcoming release...

"From Clouds" starts with a bass line that quickly shows you why I made the Double Dagger reference above, but heads off into a pretty blissful tribal synth jam that proceeds to hit you on multiple levels. This EP is best served in full, and you can listen to the entire album over on the band's site right here.

The album is limited to 150 copies on wax, and the release party is at Death by Audio up in Brooklyn this Wednesday with Baltimore's Weekends aiding in support.

Miracles - Ovum
Creative Capitalism 2010

1. Trackless 03:28
2. Taking Off Masks 04:55
3. From Clouds 05:27
4. False Castles 02:26
5. Voice in the Dark 04:45
6. --------------- 00:43
7. 15 Drops 01:50

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