Monday, August 2, 2010

Ecstatic Sunshine - Freak Flag

Baltimore's Ecstatic Sunshine is an ever-revolving cast of guitarists and sound-benders that currently houses the solo work of Matthew Papich. His last album, Yesterday's Work, was an LP that came out late last year with a swirl of altered guitars and and hypnotic melodies that still gets some pretty regular play on my turntable.

The current incarnation of Ecstatic Sunshine just released a new digital single called Freak Flag. The release is available as a free download, and includes the track below.

"Hello Money" shows some progression since Yesterday's Work, with it's accentuated percussion and an overall bigger sound. The looping guitars are still fully in tact, but are accompanied by even more noise - mostly of the percussive variety. While the vibe is generally upbeat and light, there are washes of dark that keep your head just below the clouds throughout. Matthew describes the piece as... for being without intent, for occupying time and space in an ambient way, irresponsibly, and outside of the marketplace. No currency will be exchanged. Freak Flag is teenage idling as deliberate, unexceptionally sophisticated leisure. Bass, Drums, Guitar, Space.

The digital seven inch shows much promise as to what's to come from Ecstatic Sunshine, as you'll find both tracks on the next full length. The new LP will be titled Dissolver. Get both tracks from Freak Flag here, and look for more good things to come.

Ecstatic Sunshine
Freak Flag

1. Hello Money
2. No Future I'm Dead

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Anonymous said...

this ep and the dog dick's "grease that I got" are the best things Ive heard to come out of Baltimore in 2010 hands down. cant stop listening