Friday, August 20, 2010

Tonight: Rapdragons, Adventure, White Life

Tonight you can choose rap at the Ottobar or the weird move-your-body vibes that will be radiating at the Soft House. Mark Brown posted to Beatbots in regards to the latter...

White Life!
Featuring Jon Ehrens, Grayson James Brown, & Dave Fell.
Benny's got a brand new bag.
Full On Void!
Rjyan Kidwell / Shaun Flynn infinite collaboration at the precipice of infinity.
DJ Mark Brown!
Soft Techno / Minimal 2-Step / Future Garage / Afghan Riddims

Adventure's new stuff has sounded rad live, and I for one hope to hear some of Benny's current recordings soon. White Life put on a solid Whartscape performance, and Jon Ehrens other band The Art Department has a brand new record in full rotation here. This one goes down at The Soft House at 10 PM and is five bucks.

The Ottobar's got a fun hip hop show that brings Ninjasonik and pairs them with the Rapdragons. If you haven't yet taken advantage of the free download for Rapdragons' Featuring Baltimore mixtape, get on that now. It's samples all of your favorite Baltimore bands, and it does it damn well.

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