Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Video: Soft Cat - "It Won't Be Long"

In what might be the most beautiful music video we've witnessed thus far this year, yesterday the first proper video from Soft Cat's upcoming Wildspace was unveiled.

Our friends at Yours Truly premiered the new short, which is for the third track on the album, "It Won't Be Long". The video comes compliments of the amazingly talented Miranda Pfeiffer, whose water color visions tell the tale with gorgeously eloquent animation. Yours Truly also debuted the following track...

Mark at YVYNYL looked into the logistics of Japanese ink painting, and got some pretty cool details on the style of art from one of his friends...

“Japanese ink painting is called sumi-e (墨絵). The video is beautiful, it even moves like a scroll painting e-maki (絵巻) would move telling the narrative. The only difference is that e-maki paintings (hand scrolls) are read right to left… not left to right - which is the way the video’s narrative develops.”

Wildspace is out on Friends Records this Fall, with a release party here in Baltimore currently in the works. Peep Neil's letter to Yours Truly after the jump.

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