Friday, August 27, 2010

Clusterf*ck: Shows in Baltimore this Weekend

I haven't posted a clusterfuck column for a long time, but this weekend's abundance of scheduled shows is plenty enough reason to bring it on back into rotation.

Tonight Floristree is hosting an event that features a piece put together by Limb drummer Joshua Cordova and his friend. Cordova recently moved up here from Texas, and organized a bunch of amazing Baltimore musicians to help him execute the vision. The bill of artists involved speaks for itself and includes Jack Topht, Jared Paolini, Dave Jacober, Zach Utz, Jonathan Valdez, Kate Silver, Chris Day, Shaun Flynn, and Neel Pert.

The Good Son is hosting a killer one tonight, with Rapdragons, Moss of Aura, Flesh Epic, Romantic States, and Archer Twins rounding out a heavy bill. This show features all three members of Future Islands, each in a different side project.

Flesh Epic is Sam Herring and his brother Joel's hip hop outfit, and Joel just got back from a tour in which he was part of the Height with Friends lineup. Moss of Aura is Gerrit, whose epic synth-scapes we've raved about plenty before, and Archer Twins is William's new project. Throw in Rapdragons and Romantic States, and you've got yourself a nice little Friday evening.

Saturday night the Hexagon's got a bunch of promising bands from the Underwater Peoples record label. Expect some catchy and mostly jaded pop from Andrew Cedermark, Tennis, Airwaves, and Family Portrait. This one gets going at 10:30.

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