Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sri Aurobindo - Live at WTMD

Sri Aurobindo's new LP Cave Painting has been blasting the world with a psych rock force fit for scuzz-craved ears and low end fiends abound. The Baltimore band was recently invited into the studios at WTMD, and the results are below.

<a href="">Sri Aurobindo live @ WTMD by Friends Records</a>

The recording above is for a show on WTMD called Baltimore Unsigned, which is hosted by the Baltimore Sun writer Sam Sessa. Much thanks to Sam and the producers at WTMD for letting us offer up the session for free download above.

The set features four songs, three off of Cave Painting, but also "Nobody's Child" off of their first album. It also gains a look inside the improvisational minds of the band members. Sri Aurobindo's next Baltimore show is September 15 at the Golden West with Moon Duo. The band will also be a part of a Friends Records showcase in Philadelphia on September 18 at the Ox with Microkingdom, Height with Friends, Soft Cat, and more.

Sri Aurobindo at Sonar

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