Thursday, August 5, 2010

Live MP3s: Oxes at Whartscape 2010

Photo by Joe Perez via IMPOSE

The final Whartscape has come and gone, but Guy Werner has been kind enough to offer us a large chunk of audio of a bunch of sets from the fest. We'll be posting as much of the recordings as we can, starting today with a rather fine specimen.

This was the first Oxes performance in several years, and was part of an installment the band dubbed WHOXESCAPE. The band performed at random times throughout the day on Friday, and played inside the glass of the front room in the new Current Gallery. This allowed random pedestrians on Howard Street and riders of the light rail to experience Oxes unwillingly, a band that even fans likely need to mentally prepare themselves for.

On top of all this, Marc and Nat were armed with wireless guitars, allowing them to take their guitars out into the streets during some of the sets. All antics aside, the band sounded on point all day long, blasting Whartscapers and everyday citizens with heavy waves of guitar and blistering drums of the warped and tainted math-scuzz variety.

Photo by Joe Perez via IMPOSE


Dave McG said...

That made my day. Thanks for posting. Hope to see Oxes live again soon.

shawn phase said...

theyre playin on saturday, dont miss your chance!