Monday, August 16, 2010

Tomorrow: Warpaint, Javelin, Beach Fossils

Tomorrow night the Ottobar's got a doozy with Warpaint, Javelin, Beach Fossils, and Polygons rounding out a stellar bill. All kinds of sounds to make you move and sway.

Warpaint played the Ottobar before, with our friends Lands & Peoples, and they rocked a beautiful set. These ladies are one EP deep, a release that comes highly recommended and includes the track above called "Elephant". Dreamy psych pop at its best.

We've been lucky in town to have the chance to get pretty familiar with Javelin's live set, as they've rocked a handful of shows in Baltimore over the past few years. They were a highlight at Whartscape this year, and should make for a solid reason to come out tomorrow night. Look for some live Javelin sounds from us soon too.

Beach Fossils are one of the handful of rad bands that Captured Tracks has released this year. The debut LP is full of some of the catchiest lo fi pop music around, perfect for lightening up those nasty late summer heat waves, and an act that is more than certainly worth showing up early for.

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