Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Rap Round Robin Video Flyer No. 1

The Baltimore Rap Round Robin is this Saturday at Floristree, and features Food For Animals, AK Slaughter, Rap Dragons, Height With Friends, Mickey Free, King Rhythm, The Plural MC, PT Burnem, and Jones. The above video flyer is the first in a series of three put together by Jared Paolini and Sara Milinski of Small Snake Productions.

<a href="http://ptburnem.bandcamp.com/track/cops-and-robbers">Cops and Robbers by P.T. Burnem</a>

The video features PT Burnem underneath a bridge in Baltimore, doing his thing acapella style. The other two videos will feature other rappers involved in similar scenarios around town. Look for those to come soon.

Baltimore Rap Round Robin

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