Friday, August 6, 2010

Live MP3s: Ponytail at Whartscape 2010

Baltimore's favorite spazz-core rock band played Whartscape this year on Saturday outside the Current Gallery, all while rumors swirled regarding the band's status. Word on the street was that this might be the last Ponytail set for the foreseeable future, and as it turns out those rumors had some truth behind them.

All this aside, Ponytail played a very solid set that was full of new material and some old favorites. The set was closed out with "Die Allman Bruders", and you'll find Guy Werner's recording of the last song below.

I spoke with Dustin Wong yesterday via email, who was kind enough to confirm and explain the current status of Ponytail. Here's what Dustin had to say...

"The set at Whartscape would probably be the last show in a while. Everybody is off going about their own endeavors, which is really exciting, I think. Ken's writing his own music and Molly is on a journey to find her self and Jeremy drums for the Boredoms now. I think its really good, and if by chance the scattered happens to gather again, it would be another interesting experiment."

Dustin went on to share my excitement for his upcoming solo record on Thrill Jockey, and was kind enough to let me provide this last audible reminder of how amazing this band has been over the years. Look for more to come on Dustin and Ken's solo projects, and many thanks to Ponytail for all the awesome shows and vibes they've provided to us here in Baltimore and beyond.



Anonymous said...

So I know there are good shows tomorrow, but are there any worthwhile this evening?

Brett said...

weekends at annex tonight with teenage souls and more!

Anonymous said...

pullin a FUGAZI