Thursday, January 27, 2011

Adventure - Mirror Box Vol. 1: "Beyond the Ultraworld" Mix

Benny Boeldt aka Adventure is due out with a new LP on Carpark this year, and yesterday Pitchfork pointed out a new mix put together by the currently morphing electro-junky.

The mix kicks off with a brand new song by Adventure called "Relax The Mind", a sort of electronically-infused meditation that only contains traces of Benny's prior work. The rest of the mix is rounded out with other like-minded sounds including Blondes, Light Asylum, Cex, Teengirl Fantasy, Emeralds, and more. The full track list is after the jump.

Adventure's new LP, Lesser Known, is due out March 22 on Carpark Records.

Adventure - Mirror Box Vol. 1: "Beyond the Ultraworld" Mix

01 Adventure: "Relax The Mind"
02 Light Asylum: "Darkest Allies"
03 Ceephax Acid Crew: "Topaz"
04 Blondes: "Paradise City"
05 Drexciya: "Triangular Hydrogen Strain"
06 The Orb & Biosphere: "Track 3"
07 Cex: "Secret Monog (Baconhead Remix)"
08 Teengirl Fantasy: "Forever The Feeling"
09 Emeralds: "Double Helix"
10 Grimes: "Crystal Ball"

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