Friday, November 6, 2009

Listening Party: Sci-Fi and the Sunflowers

Sci-Fi and the Sunflowers are a new local outfit playing a show tonight at the Golden West. These here fella's come from a few different area backgrounds. Brian is formerly of Dirty Marmaduke Flute Squad's "Pikesville Gynecologist" fame, and has a current solo project dubbed Brian Adam Ant. Charlie has been perfecting Raindeer over the past few years.

While tonight also features some other choice show options, this is their first bill under the Sci-Fi and the Sunflowers moniker and will provide a taste of something new.

A few of the songs they've shared with us below have grown from other prior outlets, including one of my favorites, "South Dakota".

"South Dakota" is beefed up into a pop track in its new digs, and a pretty catchy one at that. I might have known Brian to listen to bit too much Brit pop and rock in his day, but I think this one really benefits from it. It uses those elements and slaps on the usual smidge of psych-Americana that some of Brian Adam Ant's other tracks are laced with.

"Roll Down the Hill" immediately calls to mind Ween, with a more subdued and tainted pop feel.

While the first two tracks sport the vocals of Brian, "Transylvania Mania" features Charlie's. His other project Raindeer is something to keep your eye on in the near future. This one benefits from the more haunted sounds Charlie has crafted before, but throws a whole sunny melodic thing into the mix.

Catch them tonight at the Golden West, with The Volunteers and The Diamond Center.

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