Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Track Premiere: Future Islands -
"Beach Foam (Moss of Aura remix)" [featuring No Age]

Future Islands at Whartscape 2009
Future Islands are busy as always, so look for a ton of Future Islands related content here on Bmore Musically Informed in the very near future. But first, the Baltimore by way of North Carolina trio sent me over something super new to premiere.

Future Islands' next release will be a remix album pressed to 12 inch vinyl, put together by a NYC collective called Free Danger. The album will feature four re-worked tracks, including a form of "Beach Foam" that splices it up with No Age's "Eraser". Peep the track premiere after the click.

This remix was put together by resident synth-master Gerrit Welmers, under his solo project dubbed Moss of Aura. It introduces a whole new summer haze element to "Beach Foam", completely warping it into a totally rad and melodic beach party. This is all done with the aid of the guitars from "Eraser", one of the many standouts of No Age's Nouns. Listen for yourself and come to your own conclusions below:

You can scoop this album from Free Danger later this month, which also includes contributions from Victoria from Beach House, Jones, Javelin, and Pictureplane. Check back here soon for some big big things with Future Islands, as I and a few others had the privilege of hanging out with these guys last week. They may have played some new songs, and we may have recorded them...

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