Monday, November 9, 2009

Columboid - Cruise On Your Own

Those who read this space know that I generally keep things pretty locally relevant. But, when it comes to one label I generally proclaim no regional bias. SHDWPLY Records is based out of Norfolk, VA, but is also responsible for some Baltimore splendor. They pressed Teeth Mountain's LP, and also look to be the channel for some more Baltimore artists in the near future.

All that aside, this tape is just a damn fine release. Columboid is an entity out of Brooklyn, and features past/present members of Coyote, Man Man, Vaz, Lewis and Clarke and Icy Demons. This is one of SHDWPLY's newest releases, with only 100 copies on cassette to be made. A follow-up 7 inch is also in the works.

The tape wastes no time getting into the good stuff, as the first song "Statehoarders" is a hauntingly warped take on Neil Young that you can somehow almost dance to. The cassette proceeds on only to chug out jam after jam of jaded sonics and tribal get-downs that are all bridged together quite brilliantly.

Their is something inherently primitive about this album, as the often prominent synths seem to evoke feelings from deep within. Thoughts of cavemen dance parties are common, as the sonically stimulating themes fade in and out with tons of passion. It's almost as if Columboid aims to start a rave at some sort of creepy sacrificial ritual. And if that was their goal, I'd sure as hell be in attendance at such a warped affair.

This is by far one of the more interesting releases to grace my inbox as of late, and I look forward to more good thing's to come from the this Brooklyn duo. Hopefully we can bring them to Baltimore sometime soon, but in the meantime, grab this tape.

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