Monday, November 23, 2009

Tonight: Bethany Dinsick and Teaadora

Bethany Dinsick is a Baltimore artist, who creates art of all varieties. One of Bethany's creative outlets, her Square Pi project, is an experimental voyage into healing one's mind with sound and visuals. One of Square Pi's more interesting works is a cover of Lil' Wayne's "Mrs. Officer", and is a solid representation of a "rap song played backwards".

More recently, Bethany released Bottle Tree, a full length under her own moniker. It's been in steady rotation since I picked it up at Soft Fest, and has been the perfect accompaniment to some stone cold chillaxin'. Stream "Oklahoma Alley", get deets on tonight's show, and more after the click.

Bethany Dinsick sounds like a blend of the warped and natural loops that are elegantly layered in the works of Grouper, with the mind altering vocals of Joanna Newsom.

The self made loops are particularly worth noting, as Bethany samples sounds from vibrators, gunshots from a keyboard, a Lion King audio storybook, kazoo loops, and wine glasses. Not to mention a white noise machine for babies, and even the sounds of herself getting an MRI on the second track, "Whore of Baltimore".

"Oklahoma Alley" was inspired by a tornado Bethany witnessed, and is an eerie and hypnotic venture through that memory. The soft noise which starts out the track isn't unlike what one might hear when dreaming about being in a tornado, and fills out a steady paced and beautifully creepy folk song. Hear for yourself:

You can catch Bethany in Baltimore tonight at the Pet Cemetery, kicking off a tour with Teaadora. The tour hits parts of the east coast, and will feature Bethany and Teaadora helping out on each other's sets. Don't forget to grab a copy of Bottle Tree.


brian said...

cancelled, so uh, no rule?

Brett said...

There was a personal tragedy, but this will be rescheduled. I'll keep everyone posted on when!