Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Track Premiere: Needle Gun - "The Battri Buzz Rider"

In lieu of this weekend's Analog Fest at the 2640 Space, Needle Gun sent over a brand new track for me to premiere. Needle Gun are one of Baltimore's premiere noise outfits, blasting the ears of our youth with heavy exuberance.

For those not familiar with their sound, Max of Needle Gun (and also member of Teeth Mountain) sent over some words that are too good not to share in full:

Needle Gun's history is the epitome of a mythological rock & roll story. The Showedock brothers are sons of a preacher man who were raised on the road throughout the South, traveling from one Pentecostal church service to the next.

They were shattered by a divorce, transformed by illicit substances and the stoner music of Led Zeppelin and rewarded with a Nashville record deal for their grinding garage-boogie sound and raw, Southern gothic lyrics.Their audience remains huge because they've always attracted younger listeners drawn to their mix of daunting virtuosity, cosmic (often mystical) lyrics, complex musical textures,heavy composition and powerful yet delicate lead vocals.

"The Battri Buzz Rider" was recorded from 2007 to 2009, and draws from a variety of locales and platforms. Recording mediums include cassette deck, 4 track, reel to reel, digital 4 track, and straight to PC. There is no plan for a release, but the crew is mulling releasing a cassette or continuing the collecting of tracks for their next 12 inch.

For now, have at "The Battri Buzz Rider" via stream or download:

MP3: Needle Gun - "The Battri Buzz Rider"

You can catch Needle Gun this Saturday at the 2640 Space. They will be a part of Analog Fest, which includes Weekends, NARC, the Somber Tones, and Colin Dean Explosion. This day show runs from 1 PM to 6 PM, and will set you back only five bucks.


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bad link on "needle gun" - thx

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