Thursday, November 19, 2009

Photos: Carsick Cars /
P.K. 14 / Dustin Wong at Open Space

P.K. 14
This Tuesday at Open Space, folks in town were given the chance to check out some bands that represent the indie rock scene in China. I feel extremely lucky to have been a part of this, as it seemed like a pretty rare opportunity... especially for Baltimore.

Show-goers here completely embraced it, coming out in full force to an event that was hardly advertised and at a pretty new venue. This was the kind of a show that really made you appreciate how small our world has become, with bands that sounded quite familiar for coming from the other side of the globe.

Carsick Cars were pretty fantastic. They played a melodic form of rock, not at all unlike the swirls and croons of Deerhunter's Microkingdom. With elements of krautrock soaked in with some heavy builds that lead to some euphoric peaks, these guys were impossible not to tap your foot to.

P.K. 14 were also nothing exotic, drawing from familiar forms of punk to create some pretty good jams. These guys were way into it, and really had me wanting to play some Richard Hell when I got home that night. Local favorite Dustin Wong capped off the evening, with yet another mind-bending arrangement of looped guitar notes.

Valerie's photo set from the night is below, and next time you're somewhere in China, don't sleep on
P.K. 14, Carsick Cars, or Xiao He.

Photos by Valerie

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