Monday, November 23, 2009

Photos: The Jesus Lizard in Baltimore

The Jesus Lizard at Sonar
Friday night, Sonar hosted a not-miss event, with The Jesus Lizard coming to town. Supported by local favorites Double Dagger, and also Animal Hospital, Baltimore was stoked for this one. It lived up to all expectations, as David Yow and company scorched the ears of onlookers, and the rest followed suit.

Chrissy was also in attendance to snap photos, and you can peep the full set below.

Double Dagger at Sonar
Above is a picture of Nolen Strals of Double Dagger standing on the barricade at Sonar. Nolen hated this barricade, and made it known throughout the set. He once even compared it to the "luxury condos for the poor", before concluding their set with that particular classic. The barricade however did not stop Nolen from parading around the crowd, and sure as hell didn't prevent Double Dagger from doing their thing.

You can catch the rest of Chrissy's fantastic photo set in the flash gallery below.

Photos by Chrissy


Anonymous said...

where is the pix of yow's penis?

Brett said...

sorry anon, you'll have to get your fix of yow's privates elsewhere.