Friday, November 20, 2009

Child Bite - "Gender Points" 7 inch (Wham City Records)

I was able to catch Child Bite at the Copycat Annex last Sunday, a Detroit trio that makes its way to Baltimore quite often. I've seen them two other times in town just this year, opening for Future Islands and Double Dagger at the Zodiac, and also at Whartscape.

Not only did these dudes kill it again this week, but they offered up a series of releases more than worth my 12 bucks.

Child Bite just finished up a trio of 7 inch splits, backed by This Moment in Black History, Big Bear, and dd/mm/yyyy. Each disc's cover art in the series was a different color, with the vinyl to match. However when all three jackets are lined up properly, a cohesive mural of art is revealed. All three releases were pressed by a different label, with my personal favorite disc put out by Baltimore's own, Wham City Records.

Wham City's release is the yellow disc, and the last in the series. It's backed by everyone's favorite Toronto band, dd/mm/yyyy. The Child Bite A-side track is called "Gender Points", and just might be my favorite jam from this Detroit band. They rocked it live the other night, but it comes off just as well on vinyl.

While it sports the same frantic riffs and squalls, this track is one of their more focused works. "Gender Points" features catchy-as-hell horns, that start out giving the song an almost creepy vibe but quickly turn to a more upbeat romp. This is one of their more accessible tracks, and might be a good starting point for someone new to this crew. Grab it next time they're around while you can, it's limited to 500 pressings.

While a full length album is always welcome, I really dig the presentation that comes with this 7 inch series. I hope this becomes more of a trend, as I've seen the idea pop up more and more as of late. Grab the first 2 discs from Joyful Noise and Forge Again .

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