Monday, November 16, 2009

Puerto Rico Flowers: 4

One of Baltimore's up and coming labels, Fan Death Records, has been absolutely killing it all year. They've got a new release in the works that they are pretty stoked about, and with good reason.

From re-releasing The New Flesh's first joint, to putting out another damn fine Locrian tape, Fan Death is having a great year and isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Fan Death kindly let me have first crack at a four song EP they've got slated for early next year. The record is the debut EP from a project dubbed Puerto Rico Flowers, and it is titled 4.

4 is set to drop on 12 inch vinyl on January 19th, and comes courtesy of a solo project out of both the U.S. and Australia. John Sharkey III is responsible for writing and recording these four tracks, once a member of Clockclean Er.

These songs are constructed with bass, percussion, synths, and capped off with Sharkey's deeply booming vocals. Each track is equally strong, but "Lets Make Friends" is the best jumping off point. This is an epic doom pop ballad that's got you hooked after the first few notes. See for yourself:

The bass on this track hits notes that makes your stomach gurgle, a slow burner that is accented with pop song synths that would suffice on any sunny day car ride. All paired with roaring vocals that might be similar to what's found at a goth-biker funeral, it all seems like quite the unlikely place to uncover a pop song.

Similar descriptions can be made about the other three tracks, but all are totally dynamic in their own ways. There is an almost chamber pop sound, but completely twisted with darkness and on a much more grandiose scale. These tracks are certainly a new direction for Fan Death, but not too far off from their Ringo Deathstarr re-release. Puerto Rico Flowers currently has no plans for a tour or anything of that nature, but trust me, this EP is all you need.

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