Thursday, June 24, 2010

Holy Ghost Party - "Shit House Luck"

The flier above is for a show Holy Ghost Party are playing this Saturday night at Floristree, along with Weekends, Salamander Wool, Jared Paolini, and B L A C K I E.

Baltimore's Holy Ghost Party is a duo that sports two familiar faces - Zachary Utz and David Jacober. You would likely recognize these dudes from their harsher and louder music outlet, Dope Body. Holy Ghost Party is a whole other story, one that gets going properly this summer with an official EP dropping on WTR CLR.

The EP is titled Prog Parents, and David passed along a copy to me the other day. It has been on super-heavy rotation since, with its infectiously hooked pop songs wrapped in layers of twisted sound and melody that are poised to entrance. Hear for yourself.

"Shit House Luck" is the second track on the forthcoming EP. It features an almost tropical vibe, morphed and blended with tamed noise and some pretty heady vocals. The only thing that even remotely resembles Dope Body throughout these tracks are their signature industrial guitar sounds, yet with Holy Ghost Party they are used more as a percussive element or to add a more layered feel.

I'd be sure to look out for the proper release of Prog Parents this summer, as these guys show a ton of promise for good things to come. The release will be limited to 100 copies on WTR CLR.

Here's some live footage of Holy Ghost Party from last summer, and as you can see/hear their sound has evolved quite a bit since then.


Unknown said...

best new stuff i've heard in a while.

Anonymous said...

sounds tired already

Anonymous said...

Holy shit those bands from Houston were fucking epic

Brett said...

did I really see dudes climbing walls/pianos like spiders last night?

yes. and I agree, LIMB ruled.

Anonymous said...

Any chance the pictures from this show might see the light of day?

Brett said...

yes there will be photos of this show posted this week. Valerie was there to shoot and I was able to make it for the last couple bands too