Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Beach House - "White Moon"

Beach House
We're all more than likely always going to be suckers for a new Beach House song. This one comes compliments from an iTunes Session EP just released.

No word on whether or not Bill Gates is on production, but the session includes re-worked versions of more familiar songs like "Gila" and "Norway" performed live by the outfit as a three-piece. However, "White Moon" is a brand new song, and sports a transition that willl have folks swooning the world over.

Get the tracklist for the new digital EP after the jump.

Beach House
iTunes Session 2010

1. Walk in the Park
2. White Moon
3. Norway
4. Silver Soul
5. Gila
6. Real Love


Anonymous said...

The EP is produced by Chris Coady and the band themselves.

Anonymous said...

I remember hearing this for the first time at the 2640 space. Victoria's voice sounded so processed in a whacked out, good way that the song stuck with me. I'm kinda disappointed that processing here is just cliche pop.