Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Celebration - Electric Tarot: Hello Paradise

drawing by Katrina Ford

Baltimore's Celebration began relinquishing tracks from their Electric Tarot project last year, a virtual card deck in which each song represents a different tarot card. The first batch of songs are now complete, and will be band's first physical release since 2007.

The new LP will be out this Winter on Friends Records. Hello Paradise will feature the four tracks already shared, and five new ones that will be debuted in the coming months leading up the vinyl release. All songs will be given away for free digitally.

Other physical releases from the band are also in the works via Friends Records, and shows are brewing locally and elsewhere. The band will also be sharing videos and other new sounds in the coming months, all part of their ambitious Electric Tarot series.

The first available tracks include "I Will Not Fall", "What's This Magical", "Shelter", and "Open Your Heart", and are now available for free in any digital format you desire. All four of these songs were engineered and recorded by Rob Girardi at Lord Baltimore and produced by Celebration.

Listen/download those after the jump, and expect plenty more to come...

<a href="">What's This Magical by Friends Records</a>


nic said...

YES! Something to keep WARM this Winter!

hechizos said...

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